Buchholz Hydraulik

Maximum precision in series production

With our highly automated modern machinery, innovative production know-how, highly qualified staff, and an excellent quality management system we manufacture, assemble and test all products 100 per cent at our facilities.
In the following you will find an overview of our production process.

Buchholz Hydraulik

Mechanical production

Valve bodies

  • basic material
    rectangular profile of sphero cast iron or aluminium
  • drilling
    drilling of all bores at NC drilling and milling centres
  • thermal deburring
    removal of burrs and residual matter in the interior of components
  • honing
    improvement of precision and surface roughness of valve spool bores
  • washing
  • measuring / classifying
    pneumatic measuring and documenting of valve spool bores

Valve spools

  • basic material
    bar stock of different profiles and qualities
  • lathing
    complete machining of valve spools and elements of cartridge valves
    incl. production of control edges and damping geometries
  • thermal deburring
    complete removal of all residual matter produced by machining
  • hardening
    improvement of wear resistance
  • grinding
    grinding to specified dimensions
  • brushing / superfinishing
    removal of grinding burrs and micropeaks
  • washing
  • measuring / classifying
    pneumatic measuring and documenting of valve spool diameters


  • matching of valve body and valve spool
  • assembly of all parts and components into a complete valve

Simulated application process

  • testing and documentation of all valves according to a defined procedure
  • 100% hydraulic testing of all functions
  • online documentation of oil purity
  • testing agreed with customer and oriented to practical conditions
  • presetting of desired values such as maximum pressure, working speed
    and electrical offset values (bar codes)